Co-Creation and Connections Between Artists Around the World


Kunsthal Vejle is an artist operated exhibition space for Danish and international contemporary art.

This unique exhibition space has historic and cultural significance. It is a vending machine from the 1950’s, where one formerly could buy sweet breads, magazines and open faced sandwiches. The exhibition space presents minimalistic and conceptual art.


The Kunsthal is is run by the art duo Egebjerg & Juhler, who are the curators of the exhibition program. Egebjerg & Juhler have existed since 2015 and have cooperated, exhibited and created events, on the basis of the ”give and take” co-creative principle.


Kunsthal Vejle opened September 1st 2018, starting with the first of two international exhibitions. 38 artists from 15 countries was participating in the two exhibitions. None of the exhibiting artists received fees, but they did received an artwork created by one of the other exhibiting artists. In this way artisitic connections around the world are created.


Kunsthal Vejle is located centrally in Vejle, Banegårdspladsen (Vejle Station Square), at the entrance to the tourist bureau, VisitVejle. This is a great location, an area where many people, including tourists, are gathered – a symbolic mirror of Kunsthal Vejles own mission, as a meeting place for Vejle and the world.


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