”The right to bear cute arms”

1 februar - 23 marts

Junette Bay

Kunstner, Designer | muralist, colorist and glitterist | danish artist | cultural entrepreneur

Junette Bay har skabt 20 små rum med artefakter fra sin rejse til USA, hvor hun i 2022 deltog med værket ”The right to bear cute arms” på verdens største kunstkonkurrence ArtPrize i Michigan. Junette vandt her prisen for bedste internationale kunstner.


Junette Bay,  Artist statement:

This art piece is a comment to the repeated mass shootings and gun culture in the USA.

It is impossible for an outsider like me (Denmark) to understand why civilian Americans have so many weapons and so much gun violence.

USA is not my country and maybe I should not care. But as a world citizen I do care. In 2020, firearms-related injury became the leading cause of death amongst children. How is this acceptable in a country that is not at war?

Consider the juxtaposition of the cute imagery and playful pastels against the deadly violence the rifle and others guns have caused.

The bullets you see on this installation represents each mass shooting that has taken place jan – okt year 2022.